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Fuck the French

We're all about subtitles, here.

For the love of all that is French and fuckable
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The Beginning:

Once upon a time, I believed that there was a community on LiveJournal dedicated to the admiration of hot French celebrities. It was called fuckthefrench. As it turned out, I was very, very wrong.

I decided enough was enough. In this modern, hectic, work-a-day world, there needs to be a place for the French and the sexy to be admired as they so richly deserve. A place to drool over sexy bedroom eyes, kissably pouty moues, the liberal use of scarves as accessories, and also baguettes. 'Cause they're pretty good, too. francofuck was born.

The Mission Statement:

francofuck exists as a place for LJ users to come together in shared love for sexy French celebrities. Discuss, share pictures, fantasise, squee, and obsess together. That's what LiveJournal is all about, after all: togetherness. Togetherness and bitching about people you hate behind a friends filter.

The Rules:

1. Be polite. I'm Canadian - I can't handle rudeness. It will make me curl up in a ball and chew my hair, and then where will we be? I ask that you be courteous to your fellow members, because we're not here to fight. We're here to ogle French people.

2. NO HOTLINKING. Just upload photos to Photobucket or wherever, man. It's not hard, and it will make everyone love you. Or at least not hate you, which is just as good.

3. If you're posting more than one picture, put them behind a cut please. Also, do not post pictures of more than 500 pixels in width outside of a cut. People get really pissy about their friends pages getting messed up, so let's just avoid that altogether. If you're posting numerous or very large photos, please put a dial-up warning.

4. If you're posting comments about a movie, please put any spoilers behind a cut.

5. Pictures with nudity are okay to post. I think we can all agree that if there's one thing better than a French person, it's a naked French person. However, if you're posting pictures with nudity in them, they must go behind a cut and must be clearly marked "NOT WORK-SAFE" or "NOT SAFE FOR WORK" or similar.

The Extras:

Any questions, comments, beefs, flames, rants, squees, cash, crates of champagne, or naked pictures can be directed to me, inkdot. Please contact me by e-mail: inkdot at livejournal dot com, or via AIM: jubilize.

If you'd like to create community icons, banners, etc. I would be overjoyed. Please do so, and feel free to post them directly to the community.

Special thanks to westingsea for thinking up the name of the community.